The Edeka Strawberry Stand in Parsberg is Open!


I’m totally pumped that the Edeka Strawberry stand in Parsberg is open again for the season. Strawberries are one of life’s little pleasures for me, as I’m sure they are for lots of other families out there. Soon the strawberry patch in Parsberg will be open, too, but for now, … Continue reading

Stormy Days

Stormy Days

Small Shaw woke me up early this morning. She was hungry, scared, and crying in her crib. I sat with her, comforted her, nursed her, and got her back into bed for some much needed sleep (for her) and alone time (for me). After I got her back into bed, I … Continue reading

Fingerless Mitts from Moon of Silver

Fingerless Mitts by Moon of Silver

Disclosure: Carolynn from Moon of Silver sent me these fingerless mitts free in exchange for a little bit of love from the MilliGFunk blog and social media accounts. Y’all, these fingerless gloves from Moon of Silver are just awesome. I don’t know what kind of yarn Carolynn used, but it … Continue reading

Weddings & Babies: New Beginnings & Hope

Every now and then, I experience something that causes a fundamental shift in my perspective. This weekend—the weekend when my big brother married a truly beautiful woman—has been one of those times. My family is geographically separated. Our immediate family is spread out between four U.S. states and three time zones, and … Continue reading

Meet Rosie

Small Town Girl has a new side kick; a sweet little terrier mix named Rosie, as in Rosie the Riveter. This tough little girl survived being abandoned in rural Missouri in the wintertime and living in a rescue facility in Bollinger County with forty-two other dogs. She’s never lived with … Continue reading

Crossing it off the Bucket List: The Gingerbread House (Part 2)

…(continued from previous post)… Upon unpacking the gingerbread house-making supplies, I promptly got to work mixing dough and preparing cookie sheets. I tripled the recipe, which claimed to make 2.5 dozen cookies, and still only made enough dough for a simple, small gingerbread cottage. So much for my grand plans … Continue reading

Crossing it off the Bucket List: The Gingerbread House (Part 1)

I’ve always wanted to build a gingerbread house, and this year I finally did it. Buying a gingerbread house kit would be the small town equivalent of saying “I want to build my own home” and then heading down the highway to buy your own prefab modular estate. There’s nothing … Continue reading

Deaf Helping Deaf: the Significance of Philanthrophy

My career may be in nonprofits, but I need reminders like this one of just how important philanthropy is – not just for the recipients of a volunteer’s time and resources, but for the volunteer himself. My friend Dave Mills (a.k.a. @versadave if you’re a Twitter user) is partially deaf. … Continue reading

The Anonymous Food Processor

Kindness makes its presence known in the most unexpected of ways. After several days working out of town, driving more than 70 miles to and from work each day for meetings, I came back to my office to find a brand new food processor sitting in an unopened box on … Continue reading

Small Town Girl’s Butterfly

I don’t know much about butterflies, but I know that it’s not every day that a butterfly lands on your hand and stays there for several minutes. That’s exactly what happened during my Missouri float trip on Monday, and it was like A Small Town Girl’s Guide if Walt Disney … Continue reading

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