23 Week Giveaway!

23 Weeks Pregnant

Hey, hey! It’s Friday, and I’m 23 weeks pregnant! As I write this, I’m feeling little tiny baby boy kicks and wiggles deep inside my belly, and I’m excited to have Christmas at home this year with my husband, our bump, and Small Shaw. Our little tree is dwarfed by the presents … Continue reading

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Shower Cleaner

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Shower Cleaner from www.MilliGFunk.com

I seriously can’t believe I’m writing this post or sharing these pictures, but sometimes you’ve just gotta air the dirty laundry (or the dirty shower) in hopes that your horribly, embarrassingly, dirty shower floor will help someone else. This simple DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Shower Cleaner might be the only … Continue reading

Gift Ideas for Fit & Healthy Moms and Mommas to Be!

Fit Ideas for Fit & Healthy Moms and Mommas to Be! from www.MilliGFunk.com

If you’re a good elf, then you’ve already finished all of your holiday shopping. If you’re like the rest of us, there are still a few things left on your list. Okay, fine. If you’re like the rest of us, you’re probably still frantically trying to figure out how to round … Continue reading

A HIIT Workout That’s Good for Pregnancy

Back Lunges

It’s hard to believe it’s #FittaMamma #Friday again already on MilliGFunk.com. This time of year, the days and weeks go by so quickly! I’m 21 weeks pregnant already, and guess what? We found out that Small Shaw’s getting a little brother!! I’m totally pumped to get peed on during diaper … Continue reading

Pregnancy Workouts You Can Do at Home Over the Holidays

I don’t know about you guys, but for whatever reason the 20-week mark has hit me like a ton of bricks during this pregnancy. I spent part of my weekend alternating between the couch and our bed, curled up into a ball. I felt incredibly tired, the baby was pressing … Continue reading

Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving When You’re Pregnant (and a Giveaway!)

I don’t know about you, but I really can’t believe that it’s already the weekend before Thanksgiving. I started my shopping list this morning, and my mind is filled with the many things I need to get done around our house before friends join us on Thanksgiving Day. The holidays … Continue reading

A MilliGFunk Fashion Show: New Goodies from FittaMamma!

FittaMamma High Support Maternity Workout Top via MilliGFunk

It’s a super-busy week around GFunk Land, so instead of writing about this week’s fitness routines or pregnancy lessons learned, I’m going to present you with a MilliGFunk Fashion Show! So sit back and wrap your hands around that warm cup of morning coffee, because you’re about to scroll through … Continue reading

Pregnancy Exercise & Recovery

16 weeks walk and jog via MilliGFunk

If you’re following me on Instagram or Twitter, you might already know that I got a pretty pink envelope in the mail this week from the UK with several new FittaMamma apparel items inside. The package made my day! I can’t wait to try on these comfy yoga pants, and … Continue reading

Diversifying Your Income Through Blogging

MilliGFunk Freelancer

Diversify Your Income For the longest time, I resisted trying in any way to monetize my blog. Then my freelance work got little slower than I like. While ebs and flows are part of the nature of self employment, I started to understand the wisdom my fellow freelancers were sharing when they’ve … Continue reading

Managing Morning Sickness, Fatigue, & Fitness During the First Trimester

MilliGFunk 14 Weeks Pregnant Comparison 2013 2015

“I’m going to work out every day,” she told herself. “I’m not going to cave into the unhealthy cravings I get,” she said. “I’ll gain exactly what I should gain — and nothing more — in those first 12 weeks,” she vowed. Surprise #1: You Morning Sickness Might Hit Like … Continue reading

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