A German Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving will be our first time hosting the holiday meal. Our families are in the US and we’re in Germany, but we were lucky enough to have friends with frequent flier miles who made their way to Deutschland for the week. The highlight of this year’s Thanksgiving is that … Continue reading

Healthy Fall Recipes For This Weekend

I love fall, I love food, and I love cooking healthy meals. I want to share a few of my favorite fall recipes with you. All of these are relatively easy (expect to spend an hour or so in the kitchen), overall pretty healthy, and fantastically fall. 1. Chicken with Brussels … Continue reading

Soy-Free Muffin Mix! (& the Incredible Popover Pan)

Outside, rain drizzled and the sun hit behind a gray wall of clouds. Inside, hot tea steamed in front of me as I sat at the computer, clicking away at a freelance job. The smell of hot blueberry muffins filled the kitchen as our terrier lay curled into a ball … Continue reading

Army Waffles

Army Waffles

You know that stereotype that Army men and women are incredibly detail-oriented, methodical, and precise? That everything has a place, and everything should be in its place? That things must always be tidy, neat, and clean? Yeah, clearly that stereotype is completely inaccurate.     Continue reading

White Chip Island Brownies

Here’s another recipes from “Operation: Use All Our Perishables”. This one is for White Chip Island Blondies. I’m not a big fan of white chocolate or of coconut, but I still thought these were tasty. More importantly, this recipe helped me use what was left of our white chocolate chips. … Continue reading

Easy Double Chocolate Chip Brownies

I usually only post healthy recipes, but because I’m in the midst of “Operation: Use All of Our Perishables”, I’d be failing you if I didn’t share my baking recipes. On Sunday, I wrote about Easy Double Chocolate Chip Brownies that I made from scratch. Here’s the recipe: 2 cups … Continue reading

Operation: Use All of Our Perishables

I love to cook and bake, so I’m bummed that when we PCS to Germany, we can’t move any of our perishable food items with us. Each week, we grocery shop in order to supplement whatever’s left in our pantry. This week, for example, we bought ingredients to mix with penne … Continue reading

Wake Up Juice & Juicing Value

When I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to try making homemade juices, he wondered how expensive it would be to buy fresh produce for juicing. My first week of juicing was an experiment in cost. I bought a week’s worth of juicing ingredients (1 juice per day for … Continue reading


Months ago, I had a hilariously failed attempt at juicing. Because I didn’t realize that you can’t juice using a food processor, that’s exactly what I tried to do. The result was an undoubtedly nutritious, but texturally horrific concoction that all-too-strongly resembled baby poop. I’ve been interested in juicing for … Continue reading

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