Fish Fries and Tall Tales

I was invited to join my parents at a fish fry in Coffman, Missouri in another family’s large shed/garage/barn.  Inside the barn, we listened to the men recount the day’s deer hunting adventures while we ate fried blue gill, potatoes and macaroni & cheese. I sipped a Bud Light Wheat; a fire … Continue reading

Bee Tree Park

I spent my Sunday tooling around South County St. Louis in a convertible, taking in the sunshine and enjoying good company. After a great omelet and coffee and First Watch, we headed to Bee Tree Park to get some exercise. The park sits along the Mississippi River and has concrete and gravel trails … Continue reading

Ozark Trail Part I: Spiders

Yesterday, I took a long hike on the Ozark Trail’s longest section, the Courtois (pronounced “Code-a-way”). Although I’d like to write an entire blog on the section of trail that I hiked, for now I’d like to show you some of the arachinids who were hanging out on their webs … Continue reading

Lost Valley Trail

Yesterday, I went for a hike in St. Charles County, Missouri. I usually hike in Washington, St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve Counties, so hiking futher north was a fun change of pace. The landscape in the St. Louis area is generally flatter than it is even sixty or seventy miles … Continue reading

Pickle Springs State Natural Area

Last weekend, I hiked in Hawn State Park and took a 20ish-mile bike ride in St. Joe State Park. This weekend, I hit the trails at the 256-acre Pickle Springs State Natural Area in Ste. Genvieve, Missouri. Pickle Springs is a truly beautiful area. As a hiker, you lose the … Continue reading

Hawn State Park

Missouri has an outstanding state park system, with 83 total parks and historic sites. The parks are generally safe and clean, and they hold miles and miles of trails for walking and hiking. Hawn State Park is one of the larger parks in the area. It’s 4,953 acres boast hiking, … Continue reading

A Bald Eagle, a Beautiful Sunrise, and a Shotgun

On Friday evening, I sat with several coworkers in the dining hall, waiting for the board retreat events to begin. On the menu were fried fish, hush puppies, a salad bar, and desert. The dining hall looks out onto a 360-acre spring fed lake, and as we ate, a gigantic … Continue reading

Baby Owls in Central Park

After an hour of walking through North Central Park, craning my neck upward to search in the trees; and after the group leader lent me his binoculars, I finally saw two baby screech owls perched high up in the trees above our heads. Just as Bob, the bird watch leader, … Continue reading

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