Missouri Float Trips

Though not an exclusively Missourian past time, I think that float trips are one of Missouri’s most popular summertime recreations. If you’ve never heard of a float trip, it’s exactly what it sounds like – a trip that centers on floating in a river. Float trips are typically day-long events, … Continue reading

Small Town Girl’s Butterfly

I don’t know much about butterflies, but I know that it’s not every day that a butterfly lands on your hand and stays there for several minutes. That’s exactly what happened during my Missouri float trip on Monday, and it was like A Small Town Girl’s Guide if Walt Disney … Continue reading

Small Town Girl Syndicates

A Small Town Girl’s Guide has been many things to me since moving from New York City to rural Missouri in March of 2009. While I thought that I’d inspire readers to explore small town Missouri with my posts, I’ve found that my readers inspire me to do the same, … Continue reading

Friday Funny – Pooping Deer at Mount Olympus

Olympic National Park is on the Olympic Peninsula west of Seattle in Washington State. This national park is home to Mount Olympus, and was one of the stops along my vacation route last week. On the day we drove through the park, cloud cover blocked the view of the mountains, … Continue reading

Leavenworth, Washington

My post a few days ago mentioned that you’d have to revisit my site to learn what my vacation destination was. Today I’m posting on A Small Town Girl’s Guide from a Bavarian mountain town called Leavenworth, Washington, roughly two hours east of Seattle. I’ll be rock climbing and camping … Continue reading

Small Town Climber Girl

You’ve probably been dying to read about my new hobby. Ever since you saw my post earlier this week about life in Missouri being good, you’ve had trouble sleeping. You’ve tossed and turned in anticipation, wondering what this small town girl’s up to in her free time. You’ve been reprimanded … Continue reading

Castlewood State Park

If you ask mountain bikers where the best trails are in the St. Louis area, nine of out ten of them will tell you to check out Castlewood State Park near Valley Park, just off of Interstate 44 and Highway 141. Castlewood is made up of more than 1,800 acre … Continue reading

Ozark Trail Part III: Courtois Section Miles 0-7.6

Two weeks ago I set out to hike the Ozark Trail from Onondaga Cave State Park to the Narrows Trail Head. This section of the Courtois (pronounced code-a-way) Section of the Ozark Trail is considered mile 0-7.6, and fair warning: it involves a “creek” crossing that’s more like a river expedition. For … Continue reading


A small town man who drives a great big Jeep has recently made repeat appearances in the life of this small town girl, and there’s little that’s more authentically Small Town Missouri than off-roading in jacked-up trucks. If small town life were like the Girl Scouts, this small town girl … Continue reading

St. Francois State Park: Mooner’s Hollow Trail

St. Francois State Park was a pleasant surprise. This park sits directly on US Highway 67 north of Bonne Terre, Missouri, and I’ve driven past it countless times through the years without ever visiting it. The park boasts four trails ranging in length from .5-mile (Missouri Trail) to 11-miles (Pike … Continue reading

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