20 Miles on a Mountainbike

I went for my first bike ride of the season today, and while it’s possible I was a wee bit overly-ambitious about my mileage, I’m glad I pushed myself. It was a pretty day in Colorado Springs, and I was able to g-chat with my husband for a few minutes … Continue reading

Cycling in Small Town Missouri

Guest post by Jennifer Wassenaar Growing up in Farmington, Missouri, my older sister and I would ride our bikes up and down the street, to the park that was behind our home and to our grandparents’ houses.  I even remember mastering the art of riding with no hands. As I … Continue reading

Biking in Colorado Springs

This weekend, I took my mountain bike out for the first time since moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado two weeks ago. Having just purchased clipless pedals on Saturday, I wanted an easy trail to start with. Still compensating for my foot injury, I was also looking for a long enough … Continue reading

The KT Caboose

To date, I’ve not made public mention of my Missouri Bucket List; the list of things I’d like to do and places I’d like to see while I’m living in Missouri. Today’s the day that I admit to you that I do have a small list of must-dos and must-sees, … Continue reading

Tour de Missouri

The Tour de Missouri is finally here. My excitement about the race stems not from my love for the sport, but from my love for small town, Missouri. Small towns along the race route will be the recipients of a lot of press and a temporary boom in commerce. Last … Continue reading

Lost Valley Trail

Yesterday, I went for a hike in St. Charles County, Missouri. I usually hike in Washington, St. Francois and Ste. Genevieve Counties, so hiking futher north was a fun change of pace. The landscape in the St. Louis area is generally flatter than it is even sixty or seventy miles … Continue reading

St. Joe State Park Bicycle Trail

St. Joe State Park is one of Missouri’s largest state parks, boasting more than 8,000 acres of property and a 14-mile concrete trail for walking, jogging, rollerblading or biking. The best part? This park is really close to my small town. I jogged on the trail a few times in … Continue reading

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