Freelancing & Volunteerism

ArmyFRG MilliGFunk

Freelancing is a tough gig, but most freelancers won’t tell you that. It’s easy to talk about the big client they’ve just won, but it’s a bruise to the ego to admit to friends or family when things are slow. Or worse: when they’re totally dry. I read quite a … Continue reading

Guest Post: The YNPN St. Louis Blog

Once upon a time, before I became an Army Wife, I was passionate about my career in nonprofit marketing. I’d worked for several well-known nonprofits, and I loved marketing causes instead of material things. One of the ways I invested in nonprofits was as a volunteer with the Young Nonprofit … Continue reading Guest Post: Housing in Wiesbaden

My second guest post — explaining military housing at USAG Wiesbaden, Germany — published on the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) Blog on May 1st. AHRN is a referral resource for the military community around the world designed to assist the military community locate available housing. Basically, the organization helps … Continue reading Guest Post: Enjoying Wiesbaden

I wrote my first guest post for the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) Blog in April, but with the busy-ness of caring for a newborn and PCSing across Germany to a new duty station, I forgot to tell you about it. Nick and I were based at USAG Wiesbaden for our first ten months … Continue reading

Finding My Voice

One of the traits that I admire most in other writers, and one that I think is critical to writing anything worth reading, is honesty. Authenticity. A willingness to say what’s true from the storyteller’s point of view without worrying what the reader will think. That kind of honesty is beautiful and … Continue reading

New Mom, Freelancer, & Military Wife

This blog post by Miranda at Hurry Up and Wait asks where all the real blog posts are. Miranda’s sentiments inspired today’s post, in which I do my best to tell you more about what’s happening in my corner of the world as a new mom, freelancer, and military wife. Welcoming … Continue reading

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week: Melissa Gilliam Shaw

Today’s featured writer is me: Melissa from Marrying the Army. Melissa Gilliam Shaw brings ten years of marketing and brand strategy experience with nonprofit and corporate brands in Asia and the United States to her work as an independent consultant and freelance writer. Melissa has worked with nonprofit and corporate brands ranging from … Continue reading

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week: Karen Huffman

Today’s featured freelance writer and military spouse is Karen Huffman. A freelance writer based in the Washington DC area, Karen Huffman is an experienced e-learning professional well-versed in online content development, online instructional design, and face-to-face post-secondary instruction. Karen writes engaging and dynamic content, with particular emphasis on informal learning, … Continue reading

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week: Tiffany Silverberg

Today’s featured freelance writer and military spouse is Tiffany Silverberg.  In Tiffany’s Words… I love words, have a penchant for Oxford commas, and vehemently defend the passive voice. I formalized my love for words at UC Berkeley studying theoretical linguistics and digging into why and how we communicate. In the meantime, … Continue reading

Freelance Writers Appreciation Week: Jessica Lynn

Today’s featured freelance writer and military spouse is Jessica Lynn of Jessica Lynn Writes. Jessica is the voice behind Jessica Lynn Writes (, a lifestyle blog documenting her life as a new mom, a military wife, a writer, a foodie, globetrotter, and an accidental southern girl. As a former assistant editor for a … Continue reading

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