Top 10 Things to Pack in Your Hold Baggage

What Should I Look for in a Diaper Bag?

  View image | Today I offer to you my Top 10 List of thing to pack in your hold baggage on your OCONUS PCS. This list is based on our experience arriving in Germany this month, moving into our apartment here, and receiving our hold baggage shipment. Are … Continue reading

5 Types of OCONUS PCS Shipments & What to Pack in Each

As we prepared for our German PCS, I had trouble finding recommendations on what to pack in hold baggage versus what to put into storage or household goods shipping. Now that we’ve landed in Germany, I hope that I can pass on to you, my friends, what I’ve learned so … Continue reading

5 Tips for Making the Most of Living on Post

In the U.S., Army officers are usually allowed to live off post, but in Germany, on-post housing is now the standard. Yesterday we received confirmation that we’ll be living on the Army installation in a two-bedroom apartment (floor plans here). Of course, we’d prefer to live on the local economy. … Continue reading

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

Hello, friends, and happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! Today, I’d like to honor some of my military spouse friends by highlighting their blogs or online businesses here on Marrying the Army. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to Pam McFarland! Pam is an independent consultant for Nomades, a jewelry line that … Continue reading

First Thursday in Wiesbaden

Happy Thursday! It’s bedtime on Thursday night here in Wiesbaden, and it’s been a good day — our first full one here in Germany. Here are my two big hoorahs for the day: First, I found the fitness center, paid in advance for spin and yoga classes, and got in … Continue reading

We're in Germany!

Well, friends, Nick, Rosie (the dog) and I have arrived at the base lodge in Germany! Before we left, people asked me a lot of questions about our travel. What kind of airplane would we fly on? Would it be a military airport or a civilian airport? How long is … Continue reading

What Would You Do in Your Last Week in the Country?

We’re moving into the final week of our PCS to Germany, and I think my husband would agree that it’s been all-around a great month. From time with family to time alone on our honeymoon, we’ve made the most of the time we’ve had. We’ve traveled, we’ve paused to take … Continue reading

Grace in Small Things (GiST): 4/28/13

Once upon a time, on a blog where I built my first personal brand, I dedicated a weekly Grace in Small Things blog post to gratitude. Now I want to carry that tradition over to Marrying the Army. Grace in Small Things is “a daily reminder to take notice of … Continue reading

Hello from Small Town Missouri!

Hi Friends! The last few days have been good, but busy. I’m working on my first contract as an independent contractor, writing cases studies for an enterprise mobility company. I’m also hard at work using Successful Military Wife’s Marketing Makeover Challenge to help me develop a personal brand and website that … Continue reading

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