Grantsville, PA

Dad pulled in to Brooklyn just before 2 p.m., and after finding a parking space and exchanging a bear hug, we headed to La Bagel Delight for a sandwich. Bellies full, and drizzly rainy grossness falling from the sky, we opted out of staying the night in New York, and opted … Continue reading

Twenty Four Hours

I gripped the rungs of the ladder, excited. Kids laughed and hollared and water splashed in the pool beneath me as I placed my foot on the first cool, metal rung. Quickly, I ascended, afraid to look down. The top of the ladder came quickly, and as my eyes became … Continue reading

10 Days in Brooklyn

It’s Lincoln’s birthday, which means that it’s a floating office holiday. I had to work for a few hours, but now it’s time to enjoy a gorgeous day outside by stealing my own Shake Shack virginity, and taking a walk in Manhattan with my camera. Countless people have asked me … Continue reading

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