One Military Spouse Entrepreneur’s Journey to Incorporation

Incorporation as a business is a pretty straightforward task for most entrepreneurs. Figure out what kind of business formation is right for your needs, talk to an attorney if necessary, choose a business name, and register your business name with the secretary of state in which your business operates. Incorporation … Continue reading

What Goes Into Our PCS Binder

Like so many other military families, ours has PCSed a lot. My husband has his Army “Me Book” that holds all of his Army records and travels with him on PCSs and deployments. On our first PCS together, though, we realized that his Me Book was too full with Army … Continue reading

Travel: Where I’ve Been


Today on Facebook, I saw an interactive map making the rounds among my Friends who’ve been stationed overseas. Thinking about the many travels I’ve been blessed to take over the last couple of decades, I decided to see what my own world travel map would look like. It’s pretty neat … Continue reading

One of My Favorite Procrastinations

View image | It’s going to be a long time before we own our home. We’ve lived in four homes in four years, and we haven’t owned any of them. While there are perks to living in someone else’s place (something’s broken? call the rental company!), it’s one of … Continue reading

Stormy Days

Stormy Days

Small Shaw woke me up early this morning. She was hungry, scared, and crying in her crib. I sat with her, comforted her, nursed her, and got her back into bed for some much needed sleep (for her) and alone time (for me). After I got her back into bed, I … Continue reading

All the Baking!

I may have over-committed myself near the end of 2014. I volunteered for a few things, made some family plans, got excited about hosting our “Army Orphan Thanksgiving” again this year, and then saw a big influx in freelance work. Suddenly I was in over  my head. Juggling work and … Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday: Our First Turkey

Our First Turkey

It took 21 months of marriage before my husband and I were able to celebrate our first married Thanksgiving together. Here we are, with our first turkey. One thing is certain about starting marriage with a deployment: It makes you immensely thankful for the time you have together.

We’re Doing Something Right

Friends back home might see our pictures and hear our stories of traveling abroad and feel little pangs of envy for our lifestyle. Overseas assignments work both ways though; we enjoy the opportunities we have while we navigate new parenthood without the help (directly, at least) of our own parents. … Continue reading

Where Does Easy Get You?

Having Fun in Passau

For the most part, overseas duty stations are awesome. You get to meet people from all over the world, learn about local culture and traditions, and travel in places you’d only dream about otherwise. On the flip side, family and old friends are thousands of miles away, forcing you to … Continue reading

The Nachtmann Crystal Warehouse

The Nachtmann Crystal Warehouse

I heard about the Nachtmann Crystal Warehouse before we even arrived in Germany. Shopping for crystal at Nachtmann is right up there with going shopping for Polish pottery on the “must-do” list of most military spouses stationed in Germany. My husband and I aren’t much for crystal. In general, our … Continue reading

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