Ready for Him to Come Home

The closer I find myself to the end of my husband’s deployment, the more I wonder about my attitude towards it. Years ago, I adopted a policy of living a life that would be filled with great memories and good stories to tell when old age found me. That attitude allowed … Continue reading

In Just 9 Days…

For the last nine days, I traveled from Colorado to San Francisco to Phoenix to the Grand Canyon back to Phoenix, and then finally back to Colorado Springs. During just nine days, a lot happened, and my perspective is — dare I say it? — somewhat refreshed. My San Francisco … Continue reading

Happiness and Missing Him; Both in the Fall

Fall is one of Nick and my favorite seasons, so fall is turning out to be a little tougher than summer was for me to be apart from him. Friends are posting pictures of fall decorations and household projects. The leaves are changing in Colorado, and soon it’ll be pumpkin-picking … Continue reading

Spouse's Reconnection Workshop #1

Tonight after work, I made my way to Fort Carson for my first of two Spouse’s Reconnection workshops. These will be followed by a three-phase Spouse’s Re-Integration training over the next six or eight weeks. I like to joke that reintegrating will be like riding a bike; once we’re together … Continue reading

Thank Goodness for Running

              Thank goodness for running. Though I usually run with social running clubs on specific nights of the week, this week has been different. Allergy issues have manifested to the point that I needed to take the night off from my usual mid-length run, … Continue reading

Race #14: American Discovery Trail Half Marathon

Despite the big dose of Nyquil I took just before going to bed last night, I woke up repeatedly through the night with a runny nose and cough. When my 5:00 a.m. alarm clock went off it was all too early and I was all too tired. I hit snooze, … Continue reading

Running Through Deployment: Races #12 and #13

The last two races of “Running Through Deployment” have been one of the best and one of the worst races I’ve ever run, respectively. On July 21st, I ran the Grand Prix of Running Classic 10K – Race #12 of Running Through Deployment. I’d run much of the Colorado Springs course in … Continue reading

The Teacher Who Taught More Than Math

If you’ve been reading Marrying the Army lately, you might remember the post in which I wrote of my excitement about finally — after 10 weeks — hearing my husband’s voice on the phone. The lead-in to that post was: “There are a lot of things that I’m not; I’m … Continue reading

Counting Your "Wins" When Your Spouse is Deployed

Yesterday I woke up to a car that wouldn’t start. My husband’s perfectly drivable vehicle sat, taunting me, in the garage, which my car was very inconveniently blocking in its broken-down state. I scrambled to find help pushing my car out of the way as the first hour of my … Continue reading

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