Wordless Wednesday: Our First Turkey

Our First Turkey

It took 21 months of marriage before my husband and I were able to celebrate our first married Thanksgiving together. Here we are, with our first turkey. One thing is certain about starting marriage with a deployment: It makes you immensely thankful for the time you have together.

Dreaming Together While Apart

Thanks so much to Malori from Living a Warrior Life for contributing today’s guest post on dreaming together while separated by deployment. Please keep Malori and her husband Mark in your thoughts as they close out Mark’s current tour in Afghanistan. As I write this, my husband Mark’s deployment is drawing to a close. This was his second combat deployment to Afghanistan, with the first one being in 2011-2012. Because of these deployments and living three hours apart when he’s been stateside, we are used to being separated physically.  I even said to him on the phone a few weeks ago, “Deployment and being separated feels so normal.” That doesn’t … Continue reading

Viet Nam 48 Years Later: A Guest Post by Sue

Thank you to Sue for this guest post and for her encouragement when my own husband was deployed in 2012. It’s reassuring to know that high school sweethearts who were separated for more than a year during Viet Nam are still happily married 48+ years later.  On his 18th birthday, … Continue reading

Wife and War: The Memoir

*** This post was written in trade for a complimentary copy of Amalie Flynn’s ebook, “Wife and War: The Memoir”. All opinions are my own.  *** Many of us in the military spouse community think of ourselves as writers; we write blog posts for our own sites and as guest bloggers. Amelie … Continue reading

When You Start Your Marriage with a Deployment…

When You Start Your Marriage with a Deployment

“My spouse and I were married, and a few days/weeks later, he/she deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan.” Stories of spouses who are separated by a deployment just after their wedding are common in the military. Our story is one of those, and it’s changed the way I view our life together. While … Continue reading

Guest Post: In His Stead

The following is a guest post written by Judith Sanders, author of the book, “In His Stead: A Father’s War” In His Stead: A Father’s War by Judith Sanders The response of readers to In His Stead: A Father’s War has been tremendous. As the author I expected IHS to … Continue reading

Redeployment Ball


One of the highlights of my husband’s homecoming from Afghanistan was his unit’s redeployment ball. He and I have been so busy preparing for our PCS though that I’d forgotten to share our story. I’d attended a few formal Air Force Academy events as a date to my brother’s friends … Continue reading

An Explosion in Our Family Room

How many of you have seen this prior to a deployment, TDY or PCS? Yep, this is what I came home to at the end of the work week. Even the dog was scared. My husband had the day off, so he used it to begin sorting through his Army-issued stuff, … Continue reading

Running My First Marathon

Nick-&-Melissa-at-Mile-7 - MilliGFunk

Months of training and hundreds of miles of running were behind me, as were all nine months of my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan. I ran 19 races in 2012, including half marathons, 10-milers, 10Ks and shorter fun runs, all in an effort to healthfully manage the ups and downs of … Continue reading

Rain, Snow or 20 Below: Race #20

Happy New Year! This morning was Race #20 of “Running Through Deployment”; the Rescue Run 10K in Colorado Springs. This race was special because it was the first race my husband and I ran together after his homecoming from Afghanistan a little over one month ago! I became familiar with … Continue reading

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