Three Little Digits

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In my four years married to a soldier, I’ve come to peace with my lack of influence on many of the decisions that are made for our family, while I’ve also learned to appreciate the many other — though sometimes less consequential — areas of our lives where I do … Continue reading

Going with the Flow Through Life Changes

Going with the Flow through Life Changes

A Guest Post By Editor Cathleen Karlsson Going with the Flow through Life Changes Life is all about change — including learning how to cope with it in a healthy way — from to entering a life in the military to making your way through college, to becoming a new … Continue reading

Why I’m Glad I Stayed Active Through My Pregnancy

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Photo: Me, Two Weeks Postpartum, wearing FittaMamma activewear Back to Blogging After Baby Leave! Hi again, friends! Baby Boy was born six weeks ago, and I’m ready to ease my way back into blogging again. Today I want to tell you a little bit about what’s happened in our lives … Continue reading

One Military Spouse Entrepreneur’s Journey to Incorporation: Part 4

One Military Spouse Entrepreneur’s Journey to Incorporation: Part 4 on

This is Part 4 in a multi-part series about my journey to incorporation as an LLC as a military spouse entrepreneur stationed overseas. I hope that by documenting this journey publicly, I can help other spouses navigate the waters more smoothly, and that I can raise awareness about policies that make entrepreneurship (a concept that … Continue reading

Reasons to Rethink Your Data Plan in Germany

Reasons to Rethink Your Data Plan in Germany

#170252424 /   When my husband and I PCSed to Germany, it gave us the chance to rethink a few things, including how we spent both our money and our time. We had exciting new travel opportunities, a new baby, and we were living for the first time on … Continue reading

What Wellness Means on

Military Spouse Wellness Summit 2015 MilliGFunk

The Military Spouse Wellness Summit 2015 is just around the corner, from October 19th through the 24th. The event is 100% online and is totally FREE for military spouses to “attend,” so if you’d like to learn more about it, be sure to check out the #MSWS15 website. As an … Continue reading

A Lack of Community Puts Strain on Army Marriages


Each time we see family back home or have friends visit from the U.S., I’m reminded of two things: 1) How blessed I am to have such great friends and family in my life, and 2) How much I miss the sense of community that exists when you live in … Continue reading

Sign Up Today for the Military Spouse Wellness Summit!

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  Disclosure: I’m an unpaid event ambassador for the first-ever Military Spouse Wellness Summit: Invest In Yourself 2015! This post contains affiliate links. I won’t benefit monetarily from your clicks, but you can help me win prizes by using my links to register for the FREE summit. The Military Spouse … Continue reading

Five Free Ways to Learn German While Stationed in Germany

5 Ways to Learn German While Stationed Overseas MilliGFunk

Living overseas can be intimidating, but knowing basic words and phrases in your host nation’s language can help you feel more confident about exploring your new home. When we moved to Germany, I wasn’t sure where I could take German lessons, and I didn’t want to spend a fortune on … Continue reading

The Best-Educated Food Service Line You Can Imagine

What Should I Look for in a Diaper Bag?

Last night I worked on the best-educated food service line you can imagine. We were volunteering together, and between the five us, there were at least three advanced degrees. We are all wives of U.S. soldiers, and none of us is able to work full time in our career fields right now. … Continue reading

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