Camping Food

While camping this weekend at Council Bluff Recreation Area in Iron County, Missouri, I noticed something.

When the girls and I sat down for our lunch on Saturday, here’s what was on our side of the table:

Woman Food.

By contrast, here’s what was on the men’s side of the table:

Man food

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  1. also note – the girls side has a table cloth and the guys side does not. Oh and the picture just does not do justice to how large that BARREL of cheese puffs really was!

  2. Melissa, this is so funny! All that’s needed with the man food to make it complete is a big steak.

  3. Hey! I saw more than one of the girls hitting those cheese balls and gooey butter cakes! What a great weekend we had!!!

  4. Traci, you’re right – that barrel was enormous! Rachel, I *so* enjoyed meeting you and Rod! Rick, your eyes must have deceived you – the SLAG ladies are entirely too feminine and proper to eat cheese balls. Pshaw. 😉

  5. Thoughts? Yeah…men have better taste.

  6. Funny how you seemed to have left the “blueberry” mix out of the “girls side” photo!!! LOL

  7. OMG how funny is that !
    All I can say is if one observes closely, the collection of what is so called – the girls food, seems to be untouched. Uh hu. We’ll see what happens when I bring my home made gooey butter. Buy the way, the guys politely took the side of the table without the tablecloth. 🙂 GREAT Weekend!!

  8. That’s because I took the picture before we started eating lunch!

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