Bucket List: Ski in the Alps

MilliGFunk Skiing-in-the-AlpsWhen Nick and I moved to Germany we created a European Bucket List: a list of the things we hoped to do, see, and experience during our three short years overseas together. We’re gradually chipping away at the list, and over Christmas break we crossed a big one off: Ski in the Alps.

Nick’s family joined us from the States, and we spent a week together in Kitzbuehel, Austria. We visited the Christmas market, window-shopped, had several really good meals, went for a snowy hike, took a group curling lesson, and skied. It was a good week.

Between freelance work and taking care of Small Shaw, I was only able to get out on the slopes one day while we were there, but it was a fun day. The snow wasn’t very deep, and not many runs were open yet. Still, Nick and I had the closest thing to a date that day than we’ve had in over a year. We laughed and skied and stopped at a mountaintop overlook cafe for a a coffee (for me) and a beer (for him).

MilliGFunk Alps-cafeEach time we ski, I get a little more comfortable (you can read more about me learning to ski here). I’m still not a great skier, but we’ve skied in the Alps now, and it was good.


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  1. It’s great to read about your adventures! Thanks for sharing them with us. Great job on that Bucket List!

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