Biking in Colorado Springs

Small Town Girl on the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail, photo by MilliGFunk

This weekend, I took my mountain bike out for the first time since moving to Colorado Springs, Colorado two weeks ago.

Having just purchased clipless pedals on Saturday, I wanted an easy trail to start with. Still compensating for my foot injury, I was also looking for a long enough trail to get my heart rate up. My aerobic conditioning has fallen significantly over the last several months of injury recovery, and I’m determined to find endurance sports other than running that will keep me in shape as the weather cools off.

Pikes Peak Greenway, photo by MilliGFunk

In Small Town Missouri, there were enough trails to keep me busy, but not so many that I ever struggled to choose a trail. In Colorado Springs, there are so many trails that I wasn’t sure where to start. There are urban trails, mountain trails, multi-surface trails, multi-purpose trails, single track trails, 12′-wide asphalt trails, and trails marked on streets for road bikers. I’m curious to know how many total miles of biking trails exist in Colorado Springs – it seems like there are hundreds of miles of them here.

Pikes Peak Greenway, photo by MilliGFunk

The Pikes Peak Greenway trail runs 16 miles, North and South, more or less along Intertate 25. I started riding at a southern trail head, making it roughly 7.5 miles before turning to head south again. I totaled 13.77 miles, and saw relative success with my new shoes and pedals. There was no pain in my injured foot, and I only fell once trying to get used to the way the shoes clip into and out of the pedals.

MilliGFunk on the Pikes Peak Greenway

I’m excited to get out on my bike more often over the next couple of months before Colorado’s weather turns cooler. What did you do outside this weekend? BBQs? Bike rides? Picnics? Trips to the zoo or botanic gardens? Leave a comment!

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  1. So glad you had a successful ride! Colorado’s weather is perfect for biking. You might get snow on a Tuesday, but by Wednesday afternoon the sun has usually melted it off enough to hit a trail that has a stable surface. What kind of tires are you using?

    For us this past beautiful weekend, a long walk along the Lake Michigan shore. Beautiful!

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