Augustiner am Platzl

Friends together at Augustiner BrauIn a city that’s famous for its beer, there are a few breweries that stand out above the rest. Augustiner Bräu in Munich is one of them.

Augustiner beer originated in the Augustinen Brotherhood monastery in the 1300s, and the Augustiner brand has adapted with each new era:

During WWII, the brewery sustained damage, but it was rebuilt after the war. In more recent years, the company has adopted environmentally friendly practices in its facilities. Now you can find Augustiner biergartens and brau häuser in a variety of locations across Munich. Last weekend we visited the restaurant and biergarten at Augustiner am Platzl. We had a fantastic time.

Our server spoke excellent English, and he helped steer us toward his personal favorite food and beverage choices. When “Miss A” ordered a Pils, for example, the server said, “No. You don’t want the pils. You want the Helles. This is best.”

Likewise, when we ordered our food, I ordered a single Weißwurst “Münchner Art” (thick white pork sausages which I soon learned were eaten in pairs). The waiter shook his head no, and said, “you need two. Two Weißwurst for you.” Alright then. Two weißwurst for me!

Before the waiter left our table to put in our order, he told us we needed pretzels. We said we’d take three pretzels, but the waiter shook his head again, telling us that he would bring us four.

Three Augustiner beers (Weißbier, Edelstoff, and Helles), four pretzels, a potato salad, and six weißwurst later, the four of us were full and happy. Even Small Shaw seemed to have a good time.

Augustiner am Platz was a great stop-off on our overnight tour of southern Bavaria, and our waiter made the experience that much more memorable.

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