Appel Happel – An Apple Festival in Mainz, Germany

Appel Happel Festival

It’s been a weekend of festivals here in Wiesbaden and Mainz. Fall festivals are the best. Just…the best.

In Wiesbaden, the Autumn Harvest Festival was in full swing all weekend (Fri-Sun), and just across the Rhine River in Mainz, a local orchard named Appel Happel held its annual festival (Sat-Sun).

I’d planned to hit up both festivals, take great photos, eat more fall foods than my belly could hold, and come home cozy, full, and happy. Unfortunately, just before leaving for the Wiesbaden festival on Saturday afternoon, I sliced two fingers open with a carving knife.

Now, before you feel too sorry for me, know that the mushroom risotto I was making when I hurt myself turned out amazing, so the pain was worth it. Of course, my new battle wounds resulted in me walked around the Wiesbaden festival with two bandaged and throbbing fingers, which I did my best to hold above my heart as we walked.

Because of my kitchen-injury, I couldn’t lug my DSLR to the fest, so no awesome Wiesbaden Autumn Harvest photos for you. (I know your heart is aching, and for that I’m sincerely sorry. My fingers are still aching a bit if that’s any consolation.)

Mainz Germany Apple Orchard

I tried to make it up to you at today’s Appel Happel Festival by bringing the DSLR and taking some awesome photos. Seriously, I was thinking of you, my friends and readers, as I walked around the festival, snapping photos with my still-sore and bandaged fingers.

Hop over to my Flickr accountΒ to see more Appel Happel pictures.

Some of the highlights of the Appel Happel fest were fresh-pressed apple juice, apple wine, fresh-made cakes (strudels, cheesecake, coffee cake, and muffins) a market, self-pick apple picking, pony rides, dip-your-own chocolate-covered apples, crossbows for kids, bounce houses, pumpkin-potato soup, brots, beer, music, and a shop.

Learn more about Appel Happel here.

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  1. Not sure what sounds like more fun – the ‘dip your own chocolate covered apples’, or the ‘bounce house’!!! Sounds like a great time. So sorry you are injured, and I know how you are at the sight of blood, so am also pretty sorry for Nick that you are injured πŸ™‚ Get better soon – love you!

  2. Ouch! Sorry we missed you at the festival and even more, that you were hurt.

  3. Melissa that looks like such a wonderful festival – those photos are the definition of “Fall” for me! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing!

    Nicole @ WKH (and the FB (in)courage group).

  4. I can’t wait to experience this next year!!

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