An Unexpected Benefit of Blogging

Guest Post by Kim Wolterman

Sometimes being a blogger is a lonely experience. After all, a lot of us blog from the privacy of our homes. That is why I jumped on the opportunity to attend the Show Me the Blog conference in St. Louis in 2010.

Photo by Kim Wolterman

Blogging conferences might not be new around the United States, but there had not been one in St. Louis before. So I went to the meeting with no expectations, and came away from the day-long event much richer for the experience.

While at first blush some of the panel discussions did not resonate with me (I am not a food blogger, for example), the tips and experiences of all of the speakers were helpful no matter what you personally blog about.

A crowd favorite was the presentation by Melissa Gilliam (@milligfunk). Melissa was discussing blogging for a non-profit, but honestly she had on the most awesome boots! Everyone was talking about them (well, maybe not the guys in the audience), and the boots became the focus of many camera lenses as well.

In fact, for a while the boots were trending on Twitter in St. Louis! I think Melissa was concerned that her boots were more memorable than her presentation, but we reassured her that her content was just as fun and interesting as her footwear.

MilliGFunk's Boots, photo by Kim Wolterman

I began to follow Melissa and many of the other attendees on Twitter, and also Melissa’s A Small Town Girl’s Guide blog. Through the blog I have traveled with her throughout rural Missouri, run along side her as she trained for races, and viewed Colorado through her eyes.

And her blog is where I also learned that our small town Missouri gal was going to become a Rocky Mountain high girl. While sad that she was leaving the Show Me state, I celebrated her new job opportunity and her engagement to the man she loves.

Fast forward to 2011 and the second Show Me the Blog gathering, this time a two day event covering social media on day one and blogging on day two. Melissa was not able to attend due to the distance, but she was never far from our thoughts or conversation.

In fact at the pre-conference mixer on Thursday night, the trivia question was “Who wore the super cute boots at Show Me the Blog in 2010?” We had to tweet the answer and a winner was randomly selected. I am now the proud owner of a new MP3 player, and I will think of Melissa and The Funk’s Boots every time I use it.

Blogging and social media enable us to meet people we would never come into contact with in everyday life. How much our lives are broadened and enriched through this experience!

Kim Wolterman, author of Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed(room)? Researching a St. Louis County, Missouri Home; Keys to Unlocking House History; and From Buckeye to G.I. LeRoy C. Kubler The War Years 1942-1945.

Please visit Kim’s blog at

You can also read her write-up about Show Me The Blog 2011 here.

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  1. Kim, this was a very well written post. I appreciate your support of the conference and our events. Melissa, you (and your boots) were missed this year, and even though you have moved on to a wonderful new life in Colorado, you are always welcome to speak at SMBSTL. We miss you!

    • Danyelle – I’m SO sorry I missed this comment. How did that happen?? Thank you so much for having me speak at SMBSTL last year, and I’ll definitely keep your invitation in mind for the future. It sounds like the event has really taken off – congratulations! I hope you’re doing well, and thanks again for the shout out at the event this year!

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