Amberg, Germany

Amberg, Germany

Amberg, Germany, is a lovely little town to visit as a day trip from Graf, Vilseck, or Hohenfels, Germany.

Amberg’s history dates back to at least around 1000 AD, when it was a trading center for, among other products, iron ore.

Around 40,000 people live in Amberg, and at one time (after World War II), there was a U.S. Army barracks here.

Like most German towns, Amberg has a historic market square (Markt) and gorgeous architecture spanning various periods of history. Some of the city’s medieval gates still stand. Two of the most unique things we saw on our visit to Amberg were the Stadtbrille and the Little Wedding House.

The Stadtbrille (which translates as “The City’s Glasses”) is an old stone bridge with two arches. The arches, together with their reflections in the Vils River, give the appearance of a pair of eye glasses.

The Little Wedding House is a tiny hotel — just eight feet wide! Historically, I guess that couples couldn’t get married unless they owned land, so this tiny hotel would be sold to a new couple nearly every night, giving them the land ownership they needed in order to be legally married.

Have you visited Amberg? What are some of your favorite things to do there? We’d definitely like to go back, so if you’ll leave a comment with your recommendations, maybe I’ll be able to check them out!

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  1. I’ve never been to Amberg, it sounds like such a lovely place though! x

    • We were only there for a day, but we thought it was a really nice town. I hope you have the chance to visit someday, Anna!

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  3. I am on my way to visit friends in Hohenfelds. I would love to know day trips of interest in this area. Thanks

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