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Adorable gDiapers MilliGFunk

I never made a big decision about cloth diapering. I did do a lot of research, but I think that I knew before I started researching that I wanted to cloth diaper. The thought of using disposables just kind of icked me out.

Maybe it’s my compulsive need to use up all of something before ditching the container it came in. Maybe it’s my natural inclination to choose natural things over synthetic ones. Maybe I’ve seen one to many nasty disposable diapers tossed on the ground in public parks or along a jogging trails. In the end, cloth diapering just feels right to me.

I love the idea of full cotton cloth diapering because it doesn’t require special detergents, and because the diapers are 100% natural. They grow with your baby, since you can use newborn diapers as inserts or doublers when the baby gets bigger, and you can use those little pre-folds as burp cloths, too.

But full cotton is a little intimidating. There are safety pins or those little t-shaped rubber fasteners to contend with, and there are a gazillion ways to put the diaper on. I love the concept, but before Small Shaw was born I’d never changed a diaper in my life, and I’m scared of jumping straight off the cliff to full cotton.

gDiapers, on the other hand…gDiapers make baby butts look adorable — like there’s no way they could possibly create explosive poops or smell like anything but cotton and clouds. And that, my friends, gives me an enormous confidence boost:

I could have that cute baby, I think to myself when I see a gDiapered baby butt.

My baby’s butt could smell like cotton and clouds, I daydream.

That’s our girl, I think as I hold our baby wearing gDiapers.

gDiapers are my happy starting place:

  • easy velcro fasteners
  • disposable or cloth inserts
  • disposable inserts have no plastic and are fully (and quickly) biodegradable
  • the cotton covers are more touchable/cuddly than disposable diapers

Who knows: maybe I’ll eventually even transition to full, traditional cloth. But gDiapers are where we’re going to start: They’re better for this planet I live on than disposables are, and they’re not quite as intimidating to me or the Mister as full cloth is. Wish us luck!

Have you tried cloth? What system do you (or did you) use?

Do you use gDiapers? What do you think?

Are these not just about the best little ruffles you’ve seen all day?

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  1. We were pretty impressed with the gDiapers when we visited! Not only was Baby Shaw adorable in them, but they appeared comfortable, and so soft! The design is pretty ingenious – love the way that the velcro was in the back, and when there were ‘blowouts’, the cleanup was easy. The diapers contained the messes, so there were no clothes to launder. Of course, there was nothing like this when you and your brother were in diapers, so we used cloth and disposables, both of which left us changing not only diapers, but clothing, quite regularly! Don’t get me wrong – at THAT time, we thought that the disposables were the best thing EVER! Loved working with the gDiapers! And yes…that is the cutest ruffle ever 🙂

  2. We looked into gDiapers with our first, but they were too expensive with all the inserts and having to size-up as he grew. We ended up going with one-size all-cotton fitteds with separate covers. They were awesome, but eventually we moved, the diapers got packed up, and then never unpacked and disposables were too convenient. With our second, I tried to go back to cloth, but my frazzled mom brain early on had trouble keeping the laundry routine straight, and we switched her to disposables out of convenience. Now 2 years later and 100s (maybe 1000s) of dollars wasted on icky disposables, and expecting our 3rd baby – we are planning to go back to cloth. Unfortunately, we sold our previous stash. Sigh. This time around, even though I’m working full time, we are going to go the economical all cotton prefold route. (There are videos on how to pin safely/easily, so I’m going to try it). Though we will likely have to use AIOs or pockets at daycare (still praying they’ll accept cloth).

    I think cloth can be intimidating – there are a million options and developing a laundry routine that works in itself can be a challenge – but it’s one of those things that once you get started, it becomes old hat. I’m excited to get back to cloth diapering!

    Oh oh oh – and if you haven’t started using cloth wipes… you should. I sewed my own from old flannel receiving blankets (they’re not pretty — I’m not skilled with a sewing machine, but they work). I make wipes solution in my old peri bottles from the hospital – water and baby wash. It’s saved us a ton of $ on disposable wipes (though we still buy some for convenience and daycare).

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