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I’ve had some pretty incredible adventures in my life and my work.

I’ve worked in arts communities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Taipei, Taiwan; and Brooklyn, New York. I left New York City to become the marketing director for one of the nation’s largest YMCA camp and conference centers in rural Missouri, and later moved into marketing and brand strategy role for a branding group in Colorado.

I’ve worked on both the client and the agency sides of marketing, with a focus in nonprofit arts and cultural organizations. I’ve contributed as a freelance writer and/or photographer to a number of print and digital publications, and I’ve been an avid blogger since 2006.

And after ten years in marketing and communications, I’ve recently transitioned to self-employment. The flexibility of working for myself has given me awesome opportunities to take on what I call my “Passion Projects”; volunteer roles that use my skills to help great organizations or small businesses succeed.

In my free time, I run, volunteer, and try to learn as much as I can. When I sit still long enough, our spoiled and fierce hunter puppy curls up, sleeping at my feet.

My husband is a runner and an Ironman finisher who’s a great daddy to our little girl, who I call Small Shaw on the blog. Small Shaw is the center of our world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. OK, I know I just commented on on of your posts- but I just have to say I'm glad I found your blog tonight- and we have a few things in common:{or at least my husband and you}

    1)My husband is an Army Officer, who loves triathlons, races, and all things of that nature,
    2)I'm from Rural Missouri,
    3)My husband lived in Taiwan for two years as a missionary,
    4) I was thinking tonight about trying to start running after he deploys next month and just googled "Running through a spouses deployment" and found your blog. So now you've inspired me to get my booty in gear, and I'm just really happy now- He's gone currently doing the training before his leave starts and he ships out…I'm excited to start running- I'll just have to figure out where to put my three kids while I do it! ha!

    • Alaina – I'm dying of curiosity. Where in rural Missouri are you from, and where in Taiwan did your husband live? I have another (better-established and less emotional) blog called A Small Town Girls' Guide <a href="http:// (www.smalltowngirlsguide.com)” target=”_blank”> <a href="http://(www.smalltowngirlsguide.com)” target=”_blank”>(www.smalltowngirlsguide.com) that's all about life in small town Missouri. Thank you for the encouragement. You and I both know that every little bit helps – especially on the more difficult days of the deployment. One last note before I try to catch up on other comments: if you'd ever like to chat about getting started in a regular running regimen, let me know. I'm no expert runner, but I'm an expert at being a novice runner, if that makes any sense. I really enjoy seeing people take steps to better their health and fitness, and I'm always willing to chat! Thanks so much for leaving comments. 🙂 -Melissa

  2. Just cyberstalked all of your posts and can’t wait to read more. I wish we were stationed in the same place too. I’m having trouble finding a group of runners on post so I’m thinking of starting my own group. If I build it will they come though? I’m not so sure yet since I’m not expert runner either. Hmm. Decisions.

    • If you’re ever stationed at Fort Carson, there are running clubs almost every night of the week in Colorado Springs. It was a fantastic way to make friends in CO. Have you seen the group of women who started running together at Fort Bragg (I think?)? It became a huge running club of women on the installation. I believe Military Spouse magazine even did a story on it. Point being that maybe if you build it, they WILL come!

  3. You have such a lovely blog, Melissa! My fiance, Ryan, and I will be moving to Hohenfels, Germany in January of 2015 (we were lucky and got notice because of his WOCs training). Needless to say, I’ll be stalking your blog to learn more about military life overseas!


    • On my goodness, Melissa. My husband and I are actually being PCSed from Wiesbaden to Hohenfels in May 2013, so we’ll be in the same place. I’m curious to check out your blog now. Hopefully we’ll be able to meet in person in the spring!

  4. I’m so glad I found your blog! We are currently stationed in Alabama but will be moving to Wiesbaden in July, 2014. I will be reading up on all your posts about PCS and Europe!! We are very excited but also nervous for this big change. I will need all the information and advice I can get to make it a smooth transition for our family of 5!

    • Christy, please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions in prep for your PCS! We’ll be heading to another post in Germany in May, so we’ll miss you here, but Wiesbaden is a good place to live!

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