A #ThrowbackThursday Post: New Forms of Terrorism

New-Forms-of-TerrorismA #ThrowbackThursday post about new forms of terrorism from MilliGFunk.comOriginally written and published on my blog, A Year in Taipei on August 11, 2006.

My mom and I had just settled into our hotel in Ohio for the night when we saw the news on CNN about the disrupted attempt to blow up the planes headed from the UK to the US.

I have a hard time believing that you haven’t seen this in the news, but airlines in the UK are (at least for the time being) not allowing passengers to carry onboard any sort of liquid, including toothpaste, bottled water, or contact solution. Nor are they permitting certain types of electronics. It seems like US security is a little bit less harsh, but international travel just became a lot more complicated.

I’m not worried about my travel. I’ll follow the guidelines the airlines set, and I”ll try to be positive about it. I’m curious how today’s terrorist events will affect international travel in the next few months, though.

I wonder how to deal with a 2ish hour overseas flight, layovers, etc. without being able to take my contacts out or brush my teeth. I also wonder, if some countries are limiting the types of electronics that passengers can carry onboard, how to handle needing my computer and accessories in Taiwan but not trusting airlines (I’ve had too much luggage lost temporarily by them) enough to want to check my computer into my checked baggage.

I’m grateful that the terrorist plan wasn’t successful. Enormously grateful. looking at world events right now also makes me grateful to be an American. I take our freedoms and our sense of security for granted most of the time, but when I see things like this in the news, I realize what an incredible standard of living I have.

I’m pretty worn out. I showed Mom around Ithaca today before we left town, then we drove for probably 7 hours or so. It look like we’ll drive around 9 hours tomorrow, but should be home in time for dinner with my Dad. Have a good night, and say a prayer for our world tonight. Some scary things are happening.

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