A New Half Marathon Training Strategy

MilliGFunk Running in Germany

I think I have a new strategy for training for half marathons. First, I’m never going to run more than 9 miles again in training. Second, I’m always going to push a jogging stroller on hills — preferably into the wind — while wrangling a 50-pound, high-energy, poorly-leash-trained puppy.

Finally, I’m definitely going to break a couple of toes about 4 weeks before the race. Because this strategy, apparently, is what it takes to set a new personal best.

MilliGFunk's Broken Toes

I felt utterly unprepared for today’s Regensburg Half Marathon. Last night’s trip to the pediatric E.R. with our 15-month-old daughter didn’t help.

Then I started running this morning, and things went well. Split after split came at a sub-10:00 minute pace. That might not sound fast to you, but I’ve run 10 other half marathons, and my average pace is usually 11:00+. My previous P.R. was 2:25 and some change.

MilliGFunk 2:13 Half Marathon

This is the ridiculously excited expression of a momma who couldn’t believe her sub-2:15 finish time and the random thumb of a stranger who obviously found my enthusiasm contagious.

MilliGFunk Half Marathon Personal Best




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  1. Congratulations! We’re happy for you, and giggled at your strategies. Wouldn’t suggest breaking toes again, though. Ouch! Proud of you, dear daughter!

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