A MilliGFunk Fashion Show: New Goodies from FittaMamma!

It’s a super-busy week around GFunk Land, so instead of writing about this week’s fitness routines or pregnancy lessons learned, I’m going to present you with a MilliGFunk Fashion Show!

So sit back and wrap your hands around that warm cup of morning coffee, because you’re about to scroll through an easy-to-read post that has almost as many pictures as it does words. AND, the pictures are of a pregnant belly in cute, comfortable, functional maternity fitness clothes. Who doesn’t love pregnant bellies, right?

As this post publishes, I’ll be 18…yep, a whopping 18 (!!!) weeks pregnant. I’m almost halfway there!!! I’m feeling pretty good, honestly. This pregnancy is much easier than my first was, other than the wacky dreams I’ve been having.

Don’t get me wrong: I had vivid pregnancy dreams the first time around, too. But dang, you guys. This time I’m having several dreams each night that are about all sorts of things. They’re strange, they’re very realistic, and sometimes I wake up wondering what on earth made me think about the things in them. It’s bizarre.

Workout-wise, things are going well. I’m doing some HIIT workouts at home, walking, and trying to stick to my two power yoga classes each week as best I can. I can’t do the deep twists in yoga anymore, and I can really tell that my center of gravity is shifting.

Walking feels good, as long as I bring water along, but running just feels awful this time. I’ve yet to complete all of the recommended repetitions of the HIIT workouts I’ve done at home, but I’m still breaking a good sweat and feeling my quads shake for a day or two after.

I promised you an easy read, and here I am, chatting away about my workouts. Let’s get to the important stuff, shall we? Without further adieu, I present to you a MilliGFunk Fashion Show: New Goodies from FittaMamma!

First up is the FittaMamma Pregnancy Support Workout Top. I showed you the white version last week, but here it is again (at 16 weeks pregnant):

Pregnancy Exercise & Recovery

FittaMamma also gave me a gray version of the same top. I’m a sucker for gray, so I have to admit that I love this one. It’s cute, it’s slimming, and it’s comfortable! This is one of my go-to tops now for walks and gym workouts. Basically anything that’s medium impact? Yeah, this top feels great.

FittaMamma Pregnancy Workout Support Top via MilliGFunkIt’s supportive shirt all the way around. There’s a shelf bra built-in to add a little extra support up top, and there’s a nice, wide elastic waistband that adds security (and keeps the shirt from riding up) at the bottom. In between the bra and the waistline, there’s just this nice, supportive squeeze going on. Nothing’s left to jiggle or wiggle. It’s classy, it’s well-made, and it supports the bump.

Now, let’s talk about the FittaMamma High Support Pregnancy Exercise Top. This one is even more supportive than the first two are, and the material’s just a little bit different. The other tops from FittaMamma remind me a lot of Danskin (for you American readers). They’re a wicking cotton-like fabric with some sort of lycra or something woven in.

This top seems like it’s a step closer to something like a CoolMax material. It’s still not as breathable as my non-pregnancy running/race shirts are. But here’s the thing: Those non-pregnancy running tops offer no support at all. They cover my skin and wick away my sweat, but that’s about it. By contrast, this FittaMamma top is designed to support everything about my pregnant body.

FittaMamma High Support Maternity Workout Top 2 via MilliGFunk

Th high support top offers the same built-in shelf bra that the first two tops do. In addition, though, there’s something that I guess I’d call a panel of fabric just below the bottom of the bra line. The panel is narrow in the front and widens in the back. The way it’s designed, it supports the weight of your breasts in the front and takes pressure off of your back, simultaneously.

FittaMamma High Support Maternity Workout Top via MilliGFunk

This photo shows the wide, seamless, elastic waistband up close that all three shirts offer. I wasn’t sure I’d like it (I’m used to slim-fit but not tight running shirts), but as my belly grows, I’m liking the waistband more and more.

The next picture is actually from last week’s post, but I wanted to re-share it in case you’re on the hunt for maternity yoga pants. These pants are comfy without being baggy. They’re snug around the hips and bottom, which helps hold them up.

Most cotton yoga pants get baggier and baggier as the day goes on, but these really don’t. Then again, they aren’t cotton, either. The stretchy material helps them look and feel as fresh after class (or after wearing them all day) as they do when you first put them on.

They’re also a good length for mommas who aren’t quite as short as I am. I’m just 5’4″, so most women are at least an inch or two taller than me. That’s ideal, because these fit just a touch long on me. You can see what I mean in the photos here:

FittaMamma Maternity Yoga Pants Length via MilliGFunk.com

All in all, I’ve been impressed by FittaMamma’s maternity workout clothes. They’re comfortable, they’re supportive, and they’re functional. I’ve also noticed that they’re holding up well to being washed and dried. The colors haven’t faded at all on the tops, and the pants have only faded a tiny, tiny bit.

I’ve not noticed any difference in the elasticity of the material or the support the clothes offer, even after the first several washes and wears. Time will tell, but my impression so far is that these are made well enough to justify the price point (which is more like Lululemon than it is like JCPenney).

International Shipping & Pretty, Branded Packaging

One of the things that drew me to FittaMamma is that they’re totally international. They ship all over the world, and you can easily change the currency of their prices from British Pounds to U.S. Dollars or Euro while you’re shopping on their website.

The company offers tracked shipping, and can usually ship within 24 hours. You can read all of their shipping information right here.

When your FittaMamma package arrives, it’s so pretty! The company uses shipping envelopes that perfectly match the signature pink in the FittaMamma logo. The last time a parcel arrived at our house, I knew it was for me the minute the postman stepped out of his truck because I immediately recognized the pink shipping envelope.

The icing on the cake…and this is the marketing nerd in me talking…is that the product tags are just adorable! They’re shaped just like the two circles in the FittaMamma logo.

The cherry on top of the icing on the cake? Those branded FittaMamma tags are attached to their clothes using safety pins that are the same shape as the logo. No kidding. I wouldn’t joke about such a brilliantly subtle brand touch.

Fittamamma Logo Move Nurture Support-page-001

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by FittaMamma, who has graciously outfitted me with maternity activewear for my active pregnancy. FittaMamma supports active Mammas by offering exercise tips, recipes, and maternity activewear that holds and supports your baby bump!

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