A Great Afternoon at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill

The Cold Hollow Cider Mill - MilliGFunkWe spent a great afternoon at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury, Vermont this summer.

The Mill has a lot to do, including a luncheonette, a beer sampling room, a big gift shop, outdoor areas where you can sit and relax, a bakery, and more. I think that’s why the Cider Mill was a good destination for our family; we could be together without being on top of one another.

My parents got a chance to walk around with Small Shaw, giving Nick and I some time to ourselves. And the rocking benches outside were a perfect place for Small Shaw and Grandpa to secure some quality snuggle time.Grandpa-and-Small-Shaw-at-the-Old-Hollow-Cider-Mill-in-Vermont

I genuinely enjoy traveling to places where you can find locally-made things. Whether it’s local beer, locally-made souveniers, or in the case of Cold Hollow Cider Mill, locally-made apple cider.

There was a working press at the mill where you could watch employees pressing apples on certain days of the week in summer (and every day of the week in the peak fall season). We didn’t get to watch them press apples, but we did get to taste some of their fresh cider!

I geeked out, asking Nick to take a picture of me by this smaller, historic apple press while I sipped my fresh Vermont apple cider.


We learned a little bit at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill about apple juice versus apple cider, and we had a really nice lunch on the patio of the Apple Core Luncheonette. The beer tasting room I mentioned is inside the Apple Core, and although I generally would have jumped at the chance to sample the local beer, my jet lag wouldn’t let me even think of it so early on in our trip.

The Apple Core Luncheonette, Vermont, MilliGFunk

Vermont Cider Mill MilliGFunk


Learn more about the Cold Hollow Cider Mill by visiting the online. If you’re interested in visiting the Cold Hollow Cider Mill, they’re open every day from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The Cold Hollow Cider Mill’s Address:
3600 Waterbury-Stow Rd.
Waterbury Center, Vermont 05677
(800) 327-7537

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  1. I just booked a trip to Vermont yesterday! I’ll be checking out all your Vermont posts for ideas.

    • Yay! That’s awesome, Andrea! I’ll try to get the rest of my Vermont posts published before you go, so that you can see what we enjoyed while we were there. Thanks for coming back to the blog!

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