A Friendly Stay at the Quaint Hotel La Villa in Requena, Spain

Hotel la Villa, Requena, Spain - MilliGFunk

Our trip to Spain started in Requena: a medium-sized town in the Utiel-Requena wine region just 40 miles or so west of the Valencia airport. The population of Requena is around 20,000 people, and there are just a handful of hotels to choose from. We had a friendly stay at the quaint Hotel La Villa in Requena, and felt that all-in-all, it was a good experience for the price.


The Hotel la Villa is located inside the heart of Requena. To get there, you leave a main two-lane highway, you turn onto a smaller one-lane (with traffic in two directions) street, and then you continue into narrow alleyways that are barely big enough for the average car to fit down. Check out this video of our drive from the hotel back out to that smaller one-lane road if you want to see what driving in Requena was like!

Cuevas de la Villa is Right Next Door!

The hotel has a handful of parking spots right outside, and it’s within easy walking distance of local restaurants, wine shops, and churches, and it’s right next door to the Cuevas de la Villa. “Cuevas” means “cave” in Spanish, and these caves are pretty cool to see. They were carved by hand by men hundreds of years ago so that the wine could be kept beneath the ground, where temperatures stay basically the same year round.

Here I am with Small Shaw, listening to the audio tour at Cuevas de la Villa:

Underground Wine Casks in Spain - MilliGFunk


A Convenient On-Site Restaurant

One of the things we liked about Hotel la Villa was its on-site restaurant. It wasn’t anything fancy, but the food was good and the staff was friendly. Breakfast cost €5 per person, which I thought was a fair deal. The foods were mostly pre-packaged sweet treats along with breads, meat, and cheese (a typical Spanish breakfast from what we saw elsewhere), and the price included my choice of coffee (latte, espresso, cappuccino, etc.).

We especially enjoyed the restaurant’s outdoor seating. They allowed us to bring our own wine from a local wine shop, so we were able to order dinner at the restaurant and enjoy a nice bottle of wine while we ate. The patio is on the main town square, and since there’s not much vehicle traffic, we were able to let Small Shaw roam and play more freely than if we’d eaten at a fancier, indoor restaurant.

Small Shaw Sits on the Front Steps at Hotel la Villa


If you enjoy wine tasting on  your travels, be sure to check out this post about Requena’s Bodegas Pago de Tharsys!



The Rooms: What You Need & Little More

Our room was pretty basic, which was fine by us. When we travel, we don’t spend much time in the room except bedtime and Small Shaw’s afternoon nap time. Clean beds, fresh towels, a television, air conditioning, and WiFi were all available as part of the cost of the room. We had a small en suite bathroom with a mini tub (perfectly sized for our toddler!), shower, sink, and toilet. The room didn’t have any frills, but it was what we needed, at a price we liked, in a location we loved.

The Hotel la Villa is in the heart of Requena, Spain - MilliGFunk

Finding Hotel la Villa

Hotel la Villa is located at:

Plaza del Albornoz, 8
46240 Requena, Valencia

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