20 Miles on a Mountainbike

Photo by MilliGFunk

I went for my first bike ride of the season today, and while it’s possible I was a wee bit overly-ambitious about my mileage, I’m glad I pushed myself.

It was a pretty day in Colorado Springs, and I was able to g-chat with my husband for a few minutes in the middle of it.

With a lot to think about after our conversation, the first half of my ride went by quickly.

This photo was taken at about the time I turned around to start the second half of my ride. The skies were beautiful as the sun began to set.

It felt good to mix up my workout routine today, especially considering that my knee is still sore from last weekend’s half marathon. My next half marathon is coming up in a week, so the goal today was to go easy on the knee while still getting a heavy cardio workout in.

At the end of the first 20 miles of the season

It may seem like something of an obsession, but these long workouts are about so much more than physical endurance.

There have been so many days during this deployment when I’ve looked at myself in the mirror and not recognized the tired, worried, pre-occupied woman’s face I see in the mirror.

After twenty miles on my mountain bike I was hungry for hamburgers and my legs were sore, but when I looked at this picture that I snapped for my husband, I saw the happiness in my eyes that used to be present so often before he left.

I work out so that I can clear my head. I work out so that I can take care of myself physically and spiritually. I work out so that I can get this smile back in the midst of this crazy deployment.


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