10 Miles of Asphalt Trails Between Hohenfels and Kallmunz


If you enjoy running, cycling, or taking long walks, you’re going to love living in and traveling in Germany.

There are bike paths all over in the bigger cities, and drivers are more accustomed to bike traffic on roads here than they are in the States. Even in small towns in Germany, there are public use trails and paths that make it easy to train for longer races or take longer bike rides.


If you get stationed in Hohenfels, you’ll be in for a treat. Between the installation and the town of Kallmunz (where the Kallmunz Castle Ruins are located), and passing through the town of Hohenfels, are 9.5 miles of bike paths, streets, sidewalks, and roads that make it possible to run or ride your way from post to the heart of beautiful little Kallmunz.

Check out this incredible video from our local radio station,
Antenne Bayern, featuring the town of Kallmünz! 

Antenne Bayern Kallmunz Video

The trails are quiet and peaceful. In fact, the trail through Hohenfels runs parallel to a completely clear stream. Between Hohenfels and Kallmunz, the path crosses back and forth over a larger stream via wooden footbridges. It’s so quaint!

When my husband I trained for a half marathon last spring, we ran the first 4.5 miles of this trail as part of an out-and-back 9-miler. Then, more recently, I went on a fantastic bike trip with a group of ladies.

MilliGFunk Riding the Trail Between Hohenfels and Kallmunz

Riding the Beautiful Trails between Hohenfels and Kallmunz

We started from the Festplatz on post in Hohenfels and rode the 9.5 or so miles into Kallmunz for lunch.

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Kallmunz, Germany - MilliGFunk.com

We rode for a very short time on the road in the town of Hohenfels, and again on the cobblestone streets of Kallmunz. Otherwise, the trip was spent riding on smooth, asphalt multi-use paths that are reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. No cars allowed.

Beautiful VIews Between Hohenfels and Kallmunz

Ladies Day Cycling from Hohenfels to Kallmunz

16 weeks pregnant, and biked 20 miles. Hooah!


16 Weeks Pregnant and Riding My Bike! MilliGFunk.com

If you’re feeling particularly athletic, bring running shoes or day hikers along. You can ride to Kallmunz then hike up to the Kallmunz Castle Ruins!

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