My Hope for Military Spouses of the Future

Last night, a fascinating job offer arrived in my inbox, uninvited. A startup founder in Berlin offered me a position doing something I’d be good at, at the intersection of technology, writing, and international business — three areas of distinct professional interest. The potential was inspiring, but when they found out … Continue reading

An Easter Market in Bindlach, Germany

Glass Eggs - Bindlach Easter Market - MilliGFunk

Germany is a country of festivals and markets, or (auf Duetsch) Feste und Märke. With each new season comes a new series of fests or markets to explore, and spring is no exception. Once Fasching is behind them, Germans spend their weekends looking ahead to spring — and more specifically, to Easter — … Continue reading

Budgeting for Your Family’s PCS to Germany –

Melissa Gilliam Shaw - Content Creation -

This week, the Automated Housing Referral Network published the first in a seven-part content series I created for them. These seven posts detail the many expenses a military family should consider budgeting for before starting their PCS to Germany, and I hope that they help other military families to prepare … Continue reading

One Military Spouse Entrepreneur’s Journey to Incorporation: Part 3


This is Part 3 in a multi-part series about my journey to incorporation as an LLC as a military spouse entrepreneur stationed overseas. I hope that by documenting this journey publicly, I can help other spouses navigate the waters more smoothly, and that I can raise awareness about policies that make entrepreneurship (a concept … Continue reading

Celebrating Shrove Tuesday in Bavaria


Today is the last Tuesday of Fasching, so it’s the last big hoorah in Germany before Lent begins tomorrow. Over the last several days, there have been plenty of celebrations in our little corner of Bavaria, but when you’re celebrating Shrove Tuesday in Bavaria, it’s all about the parades. Sunday was … Continue reading

One Military Spouse Entrepreneur’s Journey to Incorporation, Part 2


Incorporation as a business isn’t easy when you relocate frequently as part of your family’s commitment to your husband’s military service. I’m writing about my experience trying to incorporate my freelance work into an LLC while living overseas for my husband’s job with the Army. This is the second post … Continue reading

One Military Spouse Entrepreneur’s Journey to Incorporation

Incorporation as a business is a pretty straightforward task for most entrepreneurs. Figure out what kind of business formation is right for your needs, talk to an attorney if necessary, choose a business name, and register your business name with the secretary of state in which your business operates. Incorporation … Continue reading