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I really like my work as a freelancer: I get to make my own hours and choose my own clients and projects. I can keep my family first without making career sacrifices. In essence, I have the best of both worlds; personal and professional. Because my freelance work is profitable, … Continue reading

Weddings & Babies: New Beginnings & Hope


Every now and then, I experience something that causes a fundamental shift in my perspective. This weekend—the weekend when my big brother married a truly beautiful woman—has been one of those times. My family is geographically separated. Our immediate family is spread out between four U.S. states and three time zones, and … Continue reading

Surviving Neuschwanstein (a.k.a. The “Disney Castle”)

Visiting Neuschwanstein Castle in the Rain

For weeks before our friends Miss A. and the Herr Dr. M. arrived in Germany, I’d imagined our visit to Neuschwanstein, the romantic 19th Century castle in the Alps that I’d seen pictures of in books and online. When the day finally came for our visit to the famous castle though, it … Continue reading

Bamberg’s Famous Smoked Beer

Bamberg Rachbier

The town of Bamberg, Germany is adorably and historically German, with twisting cobblestone streets, a historic town hall built on an island in the middle of the city, and nine local beer breweries. Hitting all nine breweries in one day was a little ambitious, but we made it one-third of … Continue reading