Day 8 of My 30 Day Pinterest Challenge Traffic on Pinterest

On May 12th I kicked off a personal 30 Day Pinterest Challenge. “Does deleting pins help increase Pinterest engagement?” I wondered. Here’s a screenshot of my Pinterest analytics on May 12th, before deleting any pins: After eight days of gradually deleting pins, two interesting things have happened: My follower count … Continue reading

A New Half Marathon Training Strategy

MilliGFunk Half Marathon Personal Best

I think I have a new strategy for training for half marathons. First, I’m never going to run more than 9 miles again in training. Second, I’m always going to push a jogging stroller on hills — preferably into the wind — while wrangling a 50-pound, high-energy, poorly-leash-trained puppy. Finally, … Continue reading

My 30 Day Pinterest Challenge

Pinterest Analytics MilliGFunk

Does deleting pins really help to increase Pinterest engagement? I’m about to find out. Here’s a snapshot of my current (May 12th, 2015) Pinterest analytics:   I’m getting an average of 895 daily impressions and 622 average daily viewers. Each month, I have an average of 8,367 viewers (awesome, right?), … Continue reading

The Best-Educated Food Service Line You Can Imagine

MilliGFunk Logo

Last night I worked on the best-educated food service line you can imagine. We were volunteering together, and between the five us, there were at least three advanced degrees. We are all wives of U.S. soldiers, and none of us is able to work full time in our career fields right now. … Continue reading

Registering My Business in Germany


If you live overseas and operate a business, you’ll probably need to register your business in your host country and pay host nation taxes. This process is one that I’ve recently started, so I thought I’d share it with you here on In order to legally operate as a … Continue reading

The Edeka Strawberry Stand in Parsberg is Open!


I’m totally pumped that the Edeka Strawberry stand in Parsberg is open again for the season. Strawberries are one of life’s little pleasures for me, as I’m sure they are for lots of other families out there. Soon the strawberry patch in Parsberg will be open, too, but for now, … Continue reading

When You Aren’t as Good as You Could Be

I dearly love Ira Glass’s work for This American Life. His story telling has compelled me listen to the same episodes of the show over and over again. The stories never get old to me because he tells them so well.

I think I’m an alright storyteller, but the thing is this: I have a good enough ear for good stories to know that my own are nowhere near as good as I want them to be. They’re nowhere near as good as they could be.

That’s why this two-minute clip from Ira Glass on Storytelling resonates with me. Are you a creator of something? Do you know enough about your field to know that your work isn’t there yet — but that it could be?

Check out this video clip. Ira might give you just the inspiration you need to keep moving forward when you feel like quitting — when you aren’t as good as you could be.

Thanks to my good friend Tamar at Tamar Wallace Photography for sharing this video with me this week!

Our Trip to Fruhlingsfest in Munich

MilliGFunk & Family at Munich Fruhlingsfest

Frühlingsfest, or Spring Fest, is a lot like Octoberfest in Munich, but on a smaller scale. There’s a carnival with games, rides, and fest foods, and there are big beer tents that serve traditional German food and liter pours of beer. We had a midday reservation for ten people at the … Continue reading

Budgeting for Hotel Stays & Meals When You PCS to Germany


I recently had the opportunity to guest post on the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN)’s blog. The series is seven posts long, and covers a variety of aspects of budgeting for your family’s PCS to Germany. I hope you’ll check out the entire series, but that you’ll also read, share, … Continue reading

Budgeting for Passports and Licenses When You PCS to Germany


Moving overseas with the military means that you have to consider things that aren’t part of a domestic PCS. Because OCONUS PCSs can get expensive, the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN) invited me to do a series of guest posts for their blog on budgeting for a PCS to Germany. The series broken out … Continue reading