Fingerless Mitts from Moon of Silver

Fingerless Mitts by Moon of Silver

Disclosure: Carolynn from Moon of Silver sent me these fingerless mitts free in exchange for a little bit of love from the MilliGFunk blog and social media accounts. Y’all, these fingerless gloves from Moon of Silver are just awesome. I don’t know what kind of yarn Carolynn used, but it … Continue reading

Prague Christmas Market

After Christmas-market-hopping all over the western side of Germany last winter, we decided to check out this year’s Christmas market in Prague, Czech Republic. Our road trip to Prague was a quick and easy one. Once we parked our car at the hotel, we were able to navigate the city easily … Continue reading

Amberg, Germany

Amberg, Germany

Amberg, Germany, is a lovely little town to visit as a day trip from Graf, Vilseck, or Hohenfels, Germany. Amberg’s history dates back to at least around 1000 AD, when it was a trading center for, among other products, iron ore. Around 40,000 people live in Amberg, and at one … Continue reading