How To Not Enrage a German Beer Maid

How Not to Enrage a German Beer Maid

The answer to your first question is: beer coasters. The answer to the rest of your questions are in this post. We took our friends Miss A. and the Herr Doctor M. everywhere we could during their all-too-short August visit, including several great breweries and biergartens. It was during this … Continue reading

Wolfstein Castle Ruins

Wolfstein Castle Ruins in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz

  Not too far from Hohenfels in the town of Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz (upper Palentinate) is a haunting old castle ruins called Burgruine Wolfstein. According to my internet research (which we’ll take for what it’s worth), the castle was the seat of one of the most important noble families … Continue reading

A Pumpkin With My Name On It

Pumpkin with My Name On It

Alone and upside down in the middle of a muddy pumpkin patch sat a generally unremarkable little guy. He wasn’t that big, and he wasn’t that beautiful. His stem wasn’t visible from a distance, and his bottom (which faced upward) looked a little brownish and plain. Plain, that is, except for something most people … Continue reading

An Upside Down House in Bavaria

Bavaria Upside Down House

At Wald Wipfel Weg in the Bavarian National Forest is a real house that’s been built entirely upside down. This upside down house, call the “Topsy Turvy House” is two stories tall, and is way too much fun. Furniture is mounted from the ceiling, pictures hang upside down on the walls, and … Continue reading

A Walk in the Trees: Bavarian National Forest

Wald Wipfel Weg

A  German neighbor recommended this great find to us: it’s a 30-meter-high wooden walkway in the middle of the Bavarian National Forest—Germany’s first national forest. It’s called Wald Wipfel Weg, and it’s a really fun day trip for military families stationed in USAG Bavaria. The park costs €7.50 for adults … Continue reading

The Oldest Bratwurst Restaurant in the World

Zum Guldenen Stern, Nürnberg

One of my favorite restaurants in Germany is this historic wurst house in Nuremberg. Zum Gulden Stern’s history dates to around 1375, when the house where the restaurant stands was built. In the 1600s, Zum Gulden Stern was considered an upscale eating house. It was also granted permission to slaughter its … Continue reading